Victoria BC wins national Hotel Satisfaction Index award


With an HSI score of 129, Victoria, B.C. was rated best travel destination in all of Canada. According to a study recently completed by ReservationCounter, a leading online travel agency and recognized leader in hospitality research studies, Victoria scored the best rating in the Hotel Satisfaction Index ™ (HSI). Continue reading

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A Castle in Victoria – Craigdarroch Castle

Craidarroch Castle

If you look up, not too high, and peer across Victoria’s horizon, and if you have a keen eye you will notice something interesting and peculiar. Up high on a hill you will notice a grand building, nay, a castle with a sandstone facade and towering spires.

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Mount Finlayson Hike Victoria BC


Are you looking to stretch your legs, get some good exercise and spend some time in nature? Would you like to watch the salmon spawn, walk through a lush ancient rain forest and treat your eyes with a magnificent panoramic view of Victoria and lower Vancouver Island? Mount Finlayson in Victoria BC’s Goldstream Park is the premier mountain to climb in the region. Locals consider this climb to be a personal challenge to anyone who lives in the area, if you are physically able, at some point you need to summit this mountain in order to prove to yourself that you can rightfully call Victoria BC your home. Continue reading

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Victoria BC Hotels Inner Harbour

Get out of town

Downtown Victoria BC is known the world over for its picturesque and unique beauty and staying around or near the inner harbour is the most desirable location to to procure your accommodation needs. The inner harbour in Victoria BC is so desirable because of the close proximity of many attractions. It’s also a good starting point for getting transportation to points of interest further out of town, the Victoria Tourism information centre is located near by, the close proximity to some of the best restaurants Victoria BC has to offer, world class and eclectic shopping opportunities and, most importantly, the shear beauty of the inner harbour and causeway is like no where else.

So lets talk about some of the Victoria BC hotels around the inner harbour and what unique services they have to offer.

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Things to do in Victoria BC at night

bored cat

Are you bored? “Things to do in Victoria BC at night” and “what to do in Victoria BC at night” are loaded questions and depends on what you consider enjoyable, entertaining and just plain fun. Lets explore every night of the week and see if we can provide some good ideas for things to do at night in Victoria BC. Now keep in mind, you don’t necessarily need to do these things on the particular night in mention, most can be interchanged with other nights of the week. Continue reading

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Kids Activities Victoria BC – Top 10

What children or kids activities are available in Victoria BC?

Victoria BC being one of the worlds premier destination cities that appeals to mostly adults does have places that the kids can enjoy too. Often trying to placate bored children can be a little difficult in Victoria. That is why this lists names the top kids activities in Victoria BC all in one spot so you’ll need not to look any further.

1. Downtown has many options, and the first is the Royal BC Museum. This is one of the best museums in all of Canada and appeals to to the young and the young at heart. Explore BC’s natural, human and contemporary history brought to life in some of the most detailed immersive displays that make this museum famous. There is an interactive area for young children where they can touch and explore using microscope-like devices and other visual aided apparatus. Not only is this area fun for kids but is educational as well. The museum also plays host to other touring displays of the likes of whales and Leonardo Da Vinci.

2. Beacon Hill Park. A five minute walk from downtown Victoria, this beautiful urban park has many acres of gardens, ponds, trails, miles of coast line and most important of all, lots of stuff for kids to do! Continue reading

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