Kids Activities Victoria BC – Top 10

What children or kids activities are available in Victoria BC?

Victoria BC being one of the worlds premier destination cities that appeals to mostly adults does have places that the kids can enjoy too. Often trying to placate bored children can be a little difficult in Victoria. That is why this lists names the top kids activities in Victoria BC all in one spot so you’ll need not to look any further.

1. Downtown has many options, and the first is the Royal BC Museum. This is one of the best museums in all of Canada and appeals to to the young and the young at heart. Explore BC’s natural, human and contemporary history brought to life in some of the most detailed immersive displays that make this museum famous. There is an interactive area for young children where they can touch and explore using microscope-like devices and other visual aided apparatus. Not only is this area fun for kids but is educational as well. The museum also plays host to other touring displays of the likes of whales and Leonardo Da Vinci.

2. Beacon Hill Park. A five minute walk from downtown Victoria, this beautiful urban park has many acres of gardens, ponds, trails, miles of coast line and most important of all, lots of stuff for kids to do!

Beacon Hill Park is a great place for the kids and family to have a picnic lunch and spend a few hours of semi or unstructured leisure time. There is a large playground with many different kind of activities that will help burn of that extra energy kids always seem to have. Not one, but two water parks where kids can frolic around and cool off on a hot summers day. Last but not least, a petting zoo! Admission is by donation and there a lots of animals that are kid friendly, especially the goats.

There is plenty of free parking every where in Beacon Hill Park, a great view from the top of Beacon Hill where you can walk or drive up and there is a great little fast food restaurant called the Beacon Drive In (at the corner of Douglas St. and Beacon St.) where they have some of the best soft serve ice cream in Victoria BC.

3. The Victoria Bug Zoo. This attraction was designed just for kids in mind. Come explore the world bugs and creepy crawly insects guaranteed to amaze children of all ages.

4. Crystal Pool and Fitness. In fact any of the city run recreation centres like the Oak Bay Recreation Centre, Saanich Commonwealth Place, Esquimalt Recreation Centre, Panorama Recreation Centre and the West Shore Parks and Recreation are great places to take children to have a good time. All the recreation centres have activities and facilities that appeal to kids like wave pools, water slides, diving boards and some even have dedicated children activity directors organizing games and prizes.

5. WildPlay Element Parks. Adventure high up in the forest canopy where your kids can zip-line from tree to tree over a set course. Safety is of utmost concern and you can be rest assured this supervised kids attraction will provide thrilling memories for the rest of their lives.

7. All Fun Recreation Park. Water slides used to be the prime attraction here, but they have been permanently closed. However, there are more great kids attractions besides water slides. There are batting cages, mini golf and go karts that will be guaranteed to amuse for many hours. The park is open year round and there is also an ice cream stand on premises.

8. Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre. A hands on marine educational centre, explore up close our marine ecosystem with the aid of microscopes and other educational devices. The aquariums are stocked with local plant and animal life from our local environment and some you can even touch.

9. Fort Rod Hill National Historic Site. Extensive WWI and WWII artillery batteries completely restored to its period form. Explore the many gun batteries, barracks, war room, support structures, beaches and even a working lighthouse that is open to your exploration.

10. Witty’s Lagoon. This park located just outside Victoria BC has a nature house, waterfalls and a 25 minute walk through the forest to the beach. The best part about Witty’s Lagoon sandy beach is at low tide the sand bar becomes exposed and stretches out half a kilometer. The tidal pools warm up on sunny summer days and can become warm, the shallow sandy beach is great for building sandcastles and skim boarding adventures.

The only amenities at Witty’s Lagoon are pit toilets so make sure you bring your own water and snacks.

Well, there you have it, all the 10 top things to do for kids in Victoria BC. If you need more general information about visiting this fabulous city come on over to our main site for Victoria BC Tourism to get all the information you need on local services, accommodations and a feature length in depth travel guide so you can get the most out of your vacation.

By Darshan Montgomery

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4 Responses to Kids Activities Victoria BC – Top 10

  1. Liane says:

    What happened to the snow white and 7 drawfs house that I use to visit in Bc…of course Im older and this was 30 yrs ago…but it was amazing and I wish that upon my arrival I would be able to share that extrodinary memory with my little girl..what happened to it?!!!!

  2. dmvictoria says:

    Hi Liane, you were thinking about Fable Cottage Estates. Unfortunately it closed years ago, and I remembered I too enjoyed it when I was a kid.


  3. Jan says:

    The Fable Cottage was moved to Gabriola or Pender Island, or some Gulf Island and turned into a private home. There was once a Wooded Wonderland at the entrance to Beaver Lake – in the wooded area you drive through to get to the parking at the main beach….but that was longer than 30 years ago and not many people remember that one. I was in Grade 2 when we went there with a school outing, so in say `64 or so. Gee, I AM getting old!!!

  4. Meaghan says:

    I remember visiting the Wonderland – there was Peter, Peter Pumpkin eater (it was mildly terrifying that his wife was stuck in a pumpkin), and you could put coins in a box and watch a rat run up the clock. Now that area of Beaver Lake is walking/riding trails. Some things change for the better!

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